The math modeling team works primarily on developing mathematical models for individual immune cells, host-pathogen dynamics, and immune networks within or involving cells.

  • Population dynamics. The mathematical immunology group develops models for host-pathogen dynamics, focused on nonlinear deterministic and stochastic ordinary equation models of the immune response to viral pathogens.
  • Single cell fates. We develop models for the mechanistic and/or stochastic determinants that drive immune cell activation, differentiation, and death. These models are complementary to the populating dynamics approaches but at a different scale. In the long-term, we plan to work on integrating the approaches to derive multi-scale models.
  • Immune networks. We are interested in developing research into the static and dynamic properties of immune networks. Such networks may include intra-cellular signaling and transcriptional networks, cell-cell signaling networks, and idiotypic antibody networks.