Rights! Camera! Action! Film Series presents: The Legend of the Underground

Event sponsored by:

Duke Human Rights Center at the Franklin Humanities Institute (DHRC@FHI)
Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI)
Franklin Humanities Institute (FHI)


Zaragoza, Corin


a young black man's face in multicolored light


Micheal Ighodaro and Chris Beyrer
Join the Duke Human Rights Center@FHI and Duke Global Health Institute for a screening of "The Legend of the Underground," part of the Rights! Camera! Action! Film Series. Exposing the punitive laws in Nigeria that have put an already beleaguered community at increased risk of extortion and violence, this documentary follows a group of a young non-conforming Nigerians who have created safe houses in Lagos and Harlem. The film toggles between the two cities as daily threats endanger the health and safety of a community united across continents. Please join us for a post-screening discussion with Micheal Ighodaro, LGBTQI advocate and global human rights champion, who is featured in "The Legend of the Underground." He will be in conversation with Dr. Chris Beyrer, Director of the Duke Global Health Institute.

Rights! Camera! Action! Film Series