Led by Dr. Georgia Tomaras, the Antibody Dynamics and Immune Function Division is focused on discovering mechanisms of immune protection and immune correlates of protection through the use of qualified/validated and best-in-class technologies. Dr. Tomaras's Lab is particularly interested in understanding immune variation among individuals to elucidate ways to maximize immune potential and resilience. They explore the mechanisms that effector cells engage in for clearing infection in vivo and apply systems immunology approaches to discover how protective immunity is achieved.

Tomaras Lab program is comprised of expert teams specializing in biophysical immunology (led by Dr. Moses Sekaran), antibody immuno-technology (led by Drs. Nicole Yates and Kelly Seaton), preclinical translation (led by Dr. LaTonya Williams), HIV vaccine endpoints (led by Jack Heptinstall), influenza vaccine endpoints (led by Sarah Gurley), data management (led by Sheetal Sawant), GCLP laboratory and operations (led by Judith Lucas and Tara McNair), biostatistics (led by Sheetal Sawant), and program management (led by Sarah Mudrak).