Read about 2nd annual retreat of CHSI Division of Innate and Comparative Immunology (DICI)

The second annual Division of Innate and Comparative Immunology (DICI) Retreat, held at the historic Graylyn Estate in Winston-Salem, NC on October 26-27, 2023, was a resounding success. With a backdrop of Graylyn’s charm and beauty, the retreat brought together lab members and alumni for two days of intellectual exchange and networking.

Thursday, October 26th saw attendees arriving at Graylyn Estate, where they were treated to a delightful Paint and Sip session at The White Garden. The evening commenced with a captivating Plenary Talk by special guest Dr. Steven Bosinger of Emory University, who delved into his findings regarding “Protection from lower airway associated COVID-19 Disease." Attendees then joined together for a warm welcome reception on the Living Room Porch, after which they returned to their rooms to prepare for the next day’s general session.

Friday, October 27th began with a sumptuous breakfast buffet, satiating attendees ahead of a day filled with 18 presentations of scientific material. To begin the general session, Dr. R. Keith Reeves, Director of DICI, provided a comprehensive overview of the Division. The subsequent program included an array of presentations covering topics such as HIV/SIV, NK Cell Immunobiology, Respiratory Viruses, Innate Cellular Biology, Transplant Biology, Pregnancy, Reactivated Viruses, Immunotechnology, and Immune Regulation. Outside of Duke University, the presentations featured representation from the University of Washington, the University of Iowa, the University of Central Florida, George Washington University, and Pfizer. Finally, the retreat adjourned with additional time for attendees to socialize and discuss their data in further detail, leaving everyone with a sense of enlightenment and inspiration.

This year’s DICI retreat once again provided a platform for attendees to connect, learn, and engage with leading figures in the field of immunology. It was a unique opportunity to foster collaborations, share ideas, and shape the future of this highly specialized area of study.

DCRI retreat participants holding paintings outside a building